Free Travel Pass

** Free Travel Pass Holders MUST be in possession of their Travel Pass to give to Driver on boarding the Coach.  If you do not have your travel pass with you, you will be charged the applicable fare.**

Graphic of a hand holding an FTP card. Text that says 'Free Travel Pass'
  • Free Travel Pass holders MUST be in possession of their pass to give to the driver when boarding the coach. You will be charged the applicable fare if you do not have your Free Travel Pass with you. 
  • Passengers with FTP cards can reserve and guarantee travel for a specific departure time by using our online booking facility or visiting our travel centres. Please note a reservation fee of €5 per passenger per journey is in place for Free Travel Pass tickets on our Galway/Cork to Dublin routes and a fee of €3 per passenger per journey on our Ballina route. 
  • If there is an issue with your travel pass or it has expired, you will be asked to pay for your ticket unless a valid travel pass can be presented.


How do I book?

To book an FTP ticket online, do not put anything under Adult, Student, Child etc, go straight to FREE TRAVEL PASS and select:

1 if one person is travelling or select 2 if two persons are travelling (they must be covered on the same pass).

If two persons are travelling with two separate passes, they must make two separate reservations.

We strongly recommend passengers reserve their seats in advance, especially when travelling to the airport.

Image from gobus. Graphic of a Free Travel Pass.

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